24 November

Educating Multiculturalism : Bali Art Festival in Indonesia oleh Ni Made Indiani


Bali Art Festival is held every year in Bali, Indonesia. It actually performs varieties of arts which reflect cultures not only from Bali area, but from some all around Indonesia, as well as some countries of Asia. Through the performance of art, people get educated and learn how to love art, and also appreciate the work of artists from many countries. Furthermore, people learn about the cultures of other nations, and get inspired for peaceful co-existence. Thus the Bali Art Festival digs deep and protects dying art (like old traditional dance). The paper deals with such phenomena of Bali Art Festival as the protector and promoter of cultural heritage. The Bali Art Festival is a place where people can benefits from multiculturalism.

Key words : bali art festival, cultural heritage, multiculturalism.

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