24 November

Humanistic Education Can Reduce Students’ Stress oleh Ni Made Indiani

The content of the school curriculum in Indonesia is congested and felt burden to students. A student who just attended school or stepped into a higher classroom usually feel stress. This because the conditions that is usually used to changed to a new condition that has not been known so often disturb the comfortable of students, then, lead to students’stress. Stress can be caused potentially by one’s personal life, the environment, and the environment-life linkages. Positive stress will motivate students to be more active in learning while negative stress can make students get sick physically as well as psychological pain. The aim of this paper is to discuss how to overcome the stress which is experienced by students. The teacher should understand each student who has different abilities and has his/her own uniqueness. Therefore humanistic education is very helpful to decrease students’ stress, namely by providing education and teaching them with joyful learning, giving full attention when learning takes place and surely supported by good fasilities at school.
Key Words : humanistic education, stress, joyful learning, good facilities.

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